When Negativity Clouds Your World

Back in May, I had the opportunity to tell my story at the extraordinary Sarnia Speaks: Resiliency. I spoke alongside two other incredible individuals who have been able to bounce back after various hardships. After our talks, we were able to have an open floor dialogue where audience members had a chance to ask questions, as well as share their own personal experiences with pain, loss and mental illness. One beautiful soul asked a question that has forever ingrained itself in my mind.

What do you do when people who are close to you criticize you?” 

This question really resonated with me as negatively used to cloud my entire world. The way that other people viewed me translated into how I saw myself. It was destructive to my character as well as my soul.

Unfortunately, we cannot control what other people say or do. In our lives, we will be judged, criticized and made fun of. It will hurt and it will probably feel like the end of the world. Yet, we have so much power over how we react to this criticism. We can lash out, ignore it, politely defend ourselves, etc. However, many of us fail to realize that negativity cannot grow unless we let it. If we do not want negativity to be a part of our lives, we have the option to set ourselves free.

How do we do that? How do we set ourselves free from the criticism, blame and judgments from others?

We let go. It’s as simple, yet difficult as that.

If someone in our lives is repeatedly putting us down, accusing us of things that we haven’t done and making fun of us, there is no harm in letting that person go. Negativity only thrives if we allow it to. If we want to live a happy and fulfilling life, we must rid ourselves of toxicity – which may include letting go of people that are “dear to us”.

People that are truly close to our hearts would not make us feel so hurt and vulnerable time and time again. Yes, it can be painful cutting ties with someone that we view as close to us. Letting go is never easy. If it was simple, we would do it more often.

However, once we let go of the constant negativity and feel that freedom, we no longer wait for what accusation or put down comes next. We feel relief. We are able to enjoy our lives fully. We are able to live in the moment. We are able to feel the freedom of happiness while staying true to ourselves and who we truly are. The cloud of negativity is in our control. We can either allow it to stay or let it go.

Keep on shining,


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